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Thursday, January 31, 2008

My First Food Day!

I celebrated my first Food Day last November 22nd 2007. My dada and mami bought me a very delicious Braso de Mercedes cake. My Lola Marlen prepared simple pancit for my visitors. That day was very memorable for me. My Lola Marlen even bought me a new dress that day.

Here's one of my Food Day balloons! My mami bought these at Divisoria.

Here's one of my food day guest. Her name is Puchie, my Great Grandlola Pat's beautiful but snobbish daughter. She's a 6yr old Japanese Spitz and really loves to go out with her Nanay. Though she doesn't like me, we do share common things like belly rubs and vegetables.

Here are my lolas, lolos, and great grand lolo & lolas. They're eating my food day foods.

Here's me getting ready to blow my Food Day cake!! That's my mami arranging my Food Day balloons.

Blowing the cake! Happy Food Day to meeee!!!

My mami took this picture while I was sleeping. This was after my Food Day celebration. I was very tired but am really happy... and full. :D I won't forget this day. A day I never thought that I would reach when I met that tragic accident a year ago. I'm really lucky to be loved by so many.

I'm looking forward for my next Food Day celebration and I hope my dada and mami buys me a bigger cake... and some ice cream too!

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

One of my very first videos

My mami took this video when I was just a few weeks old. I don't remember what I was dreaming but I'm sure that it's something related to food. I'm chewing while sleeping :D

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Posted by Mocha @ 9:05 PM
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My Inspiration

I've been watching cooking shows on YouTube and it has always crossed my mind to start a food blog. But I'm too busy eating or sleeping (you could see that very well on my picture above). And then one day while searching for some cooking show videos on the internet, I came across the blog of Daisy the Curly Cat.

I can't forget her website so I nagged my mami until she agreed to design my own. And now here it is. My very own food blog! So what to expect on my site? Well... expect a lot of my pictures and videos, and my day-to-day experiences with my friends, family, and foodmates. I'll tell you about my foodmates some other time. :D

Besides, if a 13yr old boy can blog about adult money stuffs, so could I... with food of course :D

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Under Construction

Sorry if you're encountering some link problems since I've just started this blog a few minutes ago. My dada has already registered my domain at http://mocha.bengero.com but it would take a few hours to update on the internet. You could use my mirror address at http://eatwithmocha.blogspot.com in the mean time. Sorry :)

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Hello World!

Hello everyone and welcome to my Food Blog or what I call a FLOG. My name is Mocha and I'm a 1yr old female dog born on the 22nd of November 2006 in Quezon City, Philippines. You can read all about me below :)

As of today, I'm 1yr and 2 months old. My favorite pastimes include eating and sleeping. Oh, I also love to chew my mami's slippers when she's actually wearing it. It's quite boring to chew on a slipper that doesn't move right? :D I have a little sister named Tria. No she's not a dog but a very cute and friendly girl cat. We love to play bite and seek. :D

My tatas, totos, lolos, and lolas call me Mocha, Mochie, Moki, and a lot of other funny names. My mami always call me bebe. I don't care on what name they call me, the important thing is that they always give me fooood. :D

When I was only 2 months old, I met a tragic car accident that almost killed me. My mami's cousin (my toto francis) and I where playing when it happened. I chased his toy outside our home and into the streets when suddenly, a speeding car hit me. I was lying on my blood on the street when my mami saw me. I heard her crying and calling for my great grandfather (my mami's lolo :P) but I cannot move.

My mami rushed me immediately to my vet. They've injected something to me that really hurt. I was crying, my mami was crying. My vet said that I needed to have an x-ray since I might have a broken bone in my eye or head. But it was already late that night so they decided to have my x-ray the next day. My vet tried his best to stop the bleeding on my mouth. I lost a lot of blood that night and had to spend the rest of the week with dextrose and other apparatus connected to my body.

Luckily, my x-ray results were fine. Nothing was broken but the effects of all the antibiotics and medicines my vet gave me to lose all my hair :( Good thing my mami loves me very much that she gave all her time to me. I recovered and now here I am blogging :)


Every night, my mami gives me my vitamins. I love the taste of it. Very yummy and makes me strong and healthy. It's called Tiki-Tiki Star Syrup. I think this is the reason why I love to eat. It really improves my appetite!

My family is not rich. So my mami and dada can't always buy me expensive doggie treats. That's alright since Breadstix tastes way better!

I get my Breadstix treat every breakfast, breakfast 1, breakfast 2, breakfast 3, lunch 1, lunch 2, lunch 3, meryenda 1, meryenda 2, meryenda 3, dinner 1, dinner 2, dinner 3, and my midnight snacks :D Yummy! You see, I really love to eat :D I hope Monde Nissin reads this so they could supply me a year worth of Breadstix :D

Last Foodmas Season, my Lola Chie from Maryland sent a box of Snausages and Milk Bone to my cousins. My dada gave me some. They were really delicious!

I asked my dada to buy me more but it seems that these doggie treats are not available in the Philippines. :~( Anyone from USA care to send me these treats? I would really appreciate it :)

Here's my bone. My dada bought this one at SM Hypermarket. I love to chew rawhide bones. I was asking my mami to buy me more but my dada said that rawhides are bad if I swallow it. :(

Here's my mami's slippers. I love to chew all her slippers especially when she's wearing it. The slipper in the picture is her nth pair because I really love chewing it :D I don't chew it if she's not wearing it though. It's kinda boring to chew a slipper when it's not moving :D

Here's my bed. The big green pillow was made by my Lola Marlen. The small pillow was my mami's pillow. But because she loves me so much, she gave it to me. I hope my mami gives me more pillows and more foood. :D


Here is my baby sister Tria (right picture). She was given by my lola's friend last year. We love to play bite and seek. Tria loves anything that's plastic. She always plays with plastic bags and plastic toys.

Here is my Lolo Luigi. He's my dada's pet. He's already 7 years old and according to our vet, he's part Japanese Spitz and part Labrador. He's really really big. He's the daddy of my Kuya Pocholo :)

He don't like cats and especially dirty and ugly mice. He also dislikes my dada's newsboy :D

Here's my Kuya Pocholo (right picture). He's my dada's pet. Like me, my kuya cholo loves to sleep. His favorite food is Sinigang. We only met last Foodmas of 2006 since my Kuya Pocholo lives with my dada.

My Kuya Cholo also almost lost his life. He was infected with Parvovirus but he survived. Thanks to his vet.

I hope I could meet him soon again :)

Above picture is my extended family. First block of picture is my cute brother and sister Dottie and Boric. They were born last November 13th 2007. Second picture is me and my friend Sassy. This picture was taken last December 25th 2006 at my dada's house. Sassy was featured on TV. She's a hero dog. She saved my dada's aunt when she fell. She was recently given an award by PAWS. Third picture is my baby shishter Aning. She's living with my dada right now and she loves to eat like me :D. Fourth picture is my Lola Kirara. Last picture is my Tita Jacky, she's the mommy of my Kuya Cholo.

Above is my latest picture from the recent Foodmas :D


Do you want to support me? You can send me foods, medicines and supplies. Just contact my mami at this email, lalaineski (AT) gmail (DOT) com or my dada at lastikman (AT) gmail (DOT) com

You can also support my bflog by posting your 90x90 advertisements. It's very cheap! For only US$5.00 a month, you can enjoy a months worth of advertisement on my flog's sidebar. Just contact my mami or dada ok?



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About Me
Hello everyone! Welcome to my Flog (food blog). My name is Mocha. I'm a 1 year old female dog, born on the 22nd of November 2006 in Quezon City, Philippines. I met a car accident when I was 2 months but thanks to my mami, dada, and my vet, I survived. My vet told my mami that I'm part Labrador, do you agree? Whatever! What is important is that I eat 3 times (sometimes more) a day and my mami and dada loves me. To know more about me, please click here.

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